Spec. Ads
Some Spec Ads I created for a portfolio review with a NYC ad company.
These are all spec ads, which means they are not all in their fully cleaned up state.  Designed to sell the idea, including copy and lay out, more than just the artwork.
kidrobot is a popular toy store that features "toys for adults" mostly designed by big names in modern and pop art, as well as some fun mystery collectibles.  This is an ad I created with a new catchphrase which I felt was a great play on what the company stands for.
This is a variation on the previous poster.  These were designed to be used in large print add displays, such as phone booths, bus stops, news stands, and subway platforms.
5 Boroughs is a local New York ice cream company who not only made original and fun ice cream flavors, but let each flavor be inspired by it's name-sake neighbor hood.  When I designed this add, the company only had these seven flavors in store.
This poster was meant for subway cars and food magazines.
This is from a series of adds made for Garmin, designed to be featured in magazines with a predominantly male audience, such as Maxim, GQ, Playboy, and even Rolling Stone.  These are more about the copy than the art, which is meant to play off of some of the "stereo-types" in male humor.
Another of the Garmin men's magazine ads.
This is from a collection of ads for Victoria's Secret as sort of a counter ad to their usual advertisements.  Basically it was a series of pictures of classic women who were once considered sex symbols, where modern day VS clothing was added in digitally.  The Marilyn picture being the most famous, was the easiest to sell the campaign, although there were a whole slew of various other models used.
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