Logos / Icons
Various logos I have designed.
Logo for a Boston-Area dog walking business.
Brand Devlopement I created for Little Bird Chocolates, a home-made confectionary based out of Queens, NY. The owners are awesome and the candies are amazingly delicious.
Logo for a sports blog, www.sports-debaters.com
Basic Square logo for www.sports-debaters.com
Logo design for a new improv troupe
The New Pixelated Parchment logo, used to launch the new brand of the company.
A logo that was designed for stationairy/email/website/business cards for a group that deals in real estate AND restaurant development.
A pro bono logo I designed for a blog about Sensory Processing Disorder.
A logo that was designed for the Teens Take On: Haiti charity (a probono design).  The concept of the logo was conceived in collaboration with one of the middle school students in the organization.
The logo I designed for an Improv Troop called Faux Show.  This was the image used to advertise their very first show.  It had a fantastic turn out.
Another logo/card I created for Faux Show.  It was a campy group and I wanted to give it a campy feel.  I found this old girls camp bunk photo and it all came together from there.
A second logo I created for an improv troupe called Faux Show.
Banner design for the tech blog The Fatty Talks, by Adam Hirsch
Banner for Adam Hirsch's follow up charity/community blog The Fatty Cares.
Banner design for a blog about randomness and what-ifs.
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