A series of doodles done over the course of time, inspired by nothing, all done during lunch breaks after finishing the NY Times Crossword puzzle of that day.
Happy Pill
A crossover that will never happen.
Find yourself in a good book.
"But I have cash..."
There is no umbrella big enough for the Incredible Hulk
Done in honor of a fallen child who was a big Avengers fan
Nose job
6 was afraid of 7 for good reason.
"I believe you will see I am more than Koala-fied for this job"
Busy Bee
Chicken middle fingers
Fancy otter dinner
Pacman, I'm Jewish!
Apple Picking
Apple Picking
The Tribble with Troubles
Orange is the New Black
"Eeeewww....Yorik! EW EW EW!"
Robots don't understand puppies
Nightmare Rabbit
"Hi! I'm Chip!"
Apple Cobbler
Navel Engineer
Book Proposal
Bat Mitzvah
Frog Prince
Frog Prince
IRL Yogi
Baking Soda
Psy Cow
Significant Otter
Mixed Fruit
Dr. Pepper
Core knee
Shrimp Cocktail
Turkey on Thanksgiving
King Butt
Get Elfed Up!
Shelf on an Elf
Ralph on a Shelf
Elk on a Shelf
Taxicab Confessions
Snow bank robbery
Pickup Artist
Sea Urchin
Street Urchin
Mars Rover
Pickup Truck
Nacho Man & Dip
Ring Bear
Bad News!
Pitchers Dream
::extended groan::
Complimentary Breakfast
Continental Breakfast
2 triangles
Benjamin Franklinstein
"This is too much tuna"
This is why I eat my sandwhiches from the top down
A marmoset enjoying a sandwich
The count never got the hang of letters
Mad Eye's auto repair
Honey Poo-Bear Child
It's a grub. What's it look like?
"This is not the droid I am looking for"
"You can only say no for so long..."
I'm a doodle
I'm a repeat
"Uh oh. I-a ate-a the wrong-a kind-a mushrooms! Here we go!"
Rock DJ
A request
"Devon?! Wwwwutr youdoooinere?!"
Jet Lag
It's better than bad, it's good!
Oh, so that's what the White Rabbit was going on about!
Oldage Mutant Former Ninja Turtle
Joe Before-It-Was-Cool
ET charge phone
If Eeyore had Facebook
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